X-Designer - The Ultimate GUI Builder

Getting X-Designer

The software can be downloaded - if you are not a customer apply for an evaluation copy. If you are a customer please contact us and we will supply the download instructions or can supply it on CD-ROM.

All use of X-Designer is under the terms of our standard Product License agreement.

Platform Availability

X-Designer runs on UNIX, Linux and VMS. It does NOT run on Windows, although it can produce code for Windows. See the Platform Availability page for details.

You do not need to run X-Designer on the target platform - it can be used to design GUIs for applications running on almost any system, including real-time embedded operating systems such as VxWorks and QNX.


Installation is very straightforward. There is an installation script which installs all files in a directory which you specify.

See our Installation page for brief details.


For most platforms X-Designer uses Globetrotter's FLEXlm licensing system.

X-Designer as supplied will run in a 'DEMO' mode whereby you cannot save or generate.

See the Licensing section of our Installation page for brief details.

Screen Shots

The selection of screen shots available here give a good feel for the product, but are not so upto date as those in the Full Product Specification (PDF)

Source Code - Your Rights

You have full rights over generated code and limited rights over files in the X-Designer distribution.

Contact us

Contact us either by using our enquiry form or otherwise.

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